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The Snow Queen (in audiobook format)

The Snow Queen - Julia Whelan, Hans Christian Andersen

Whaaaat just happened?


Seriously, only Julia Whelan's talented narration could make this rambling, pointless, didactic story sound at all cohesive. It seems to be about how the steadfastness, honesty, and pure love of the little girl (Gerda) served her well for years in her quest to rescue her best friend (Kai) from the snowy North. Unfortunately Mr. Andersen tries to throw a Hail Mary pass at the end, telling us the point is "always stay childlike at heart." Wikepedia says this is one of Andersen's most acclaimed fairy tales, but by today's literary standards I think it's a mess.


(The Snow Queen was Audible's free holiday gift this year, and it was a pleasure to hear Ms. Whelan's voice again.)